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and time is running…
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c’mon selena now i want candids

Friday, July 4th


do u ever realize how ugly u really are and it just ruins ur day

Friday, July 4th


‘am i right ladies’ is the best way to end any text post am i right ladies 

Friday, July 4th
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I know I did one like 3 week ago but this one’s special because it’s for my two year Tumblr anniversary! Exciting right?
Well first off I’d like to thank my followers for not unfollowing me and putting up with my shit daily. I’d also like to say thank you to all the people I follow for keeping my dash interesting.
*:・゚✧  special messages for cool people *:・゚✧ 

sweetlysel​; you’re one of the best people i’ve ever met and even though we actually know each other in real life i’m still going to put you in this ‘cause you’re the best. and even though i hate to admit it, and i never show it, i really love you and you’re the best best friend i’ve ever had. (that was very loser like i’m never doing that again)
birdsnotbeards; can we talk about how much i love love love your url? it’s just perfect. anyways, you’re adorable and i’m really glad we’re in a mutual.
vege-mike; okay tbh you intimidate me a lil cause you’re older than me, but you’re adorable and i’m glad we’re in a mutual.
royalsniall; let me just point out how much i love your url and sidebar like oh my gosh. but i love your blog a lot :)
fukczarry; oh my gosh you’re literally so adorable and i love love love your blog. i’m glad we’re in a mutual you’re v cool. 
harry20l0; oh my gosh i feel really bad for you because of the whole “anon from school” thing but maybe it’s just a joke?????? idk if thats still going on but yanno i had to say something about it haha. but anyway, i love your blog and youre v rad
adorziam; aw noelle can i just say you’re such a cutie and ilysm!!! i’m glad we’re in a mutual you’re amazing 
fcvkhaz; omg aline you’re super funny and i’m glad i found your blog you’re the coolest!!!
ughpunk; you’re v cool and we’re the same age so that automatically means we’re best friends
helladough; i’ve been following you for so long i didnt even realize it but youre super rad i wish we were in a mutual lmao
genderfluidlouis; you’re literally so cool ive been following you like forever oh my gosh 
dangbritish; you’re v pretty and you’re super rad ily 

Now let’s get to the actual follow forever, shall we?
blogs i really like are in bold
a-d; adorziam, babyniall, baenialll, bakstreetboys, bdsmatty, birdsnotbeards, bizzlena, blushnarry, bradfordbaddie, britishlosers, cheerleaderzayn, chokemestyles, cockhaz, daddyneymar, daisymatty, dangbritish, dumhaz
e-h; exoticharold, fartyniall, fcvkhaz, flatlinnes, foundthebooty, fukczarry, harry20l0, hemmocrunch, highschoolmiserable, hitthelightsletthemusicmoveyou1, hrrys17
i-j; idontrecalls, iriwin, jelenatoor, jenerkylie, jerkstyles, juhweed, justninbiebs
k-n; larrystylickson, leighsfro, liamfcuk, liamsquad, liferuinners, liqhtweight, literalprincess, lmaomalum, lourryuk, lubepaste, lukeyscharms, magicalsquirrel, marcelgirls, mullingarstyls, nickjonsa, nicklebacklucas, nopeziam, nourryator
o-q; ohmygoshluke, olympicluke, omgbrien, polaroidxirwin, pool-of-waffles, prettypinkperrie, punkmicheal, punknugget
r-u; raahmones, roguelads, royalsniall, sneakerlou, squadnouis, stydiya​, stylemmo, sweetlysel, tbharold, teaserlouis, teasezourry, thenewclassicvevo, tomlinslaw, tomlinsunflower, ughpunk, unclenouis, unstableharry
v-z; youngvolcaenoes, yousbasic, zcynmalik, ziamhigh, zouispliff, zourry-squad 
5zos, adoreleigh, alexrsso, alwaysdisenchanted, alwaysgomez, ariagrndes, bangstilinski, bewbies, cachtingfeelings, crazymofas, englishaffair, genderfluidlouis, godamniall, kingoftheniall, magic-jelena, rapniall, rollrcoasters, slowsdowns, slutzouis, ssunshinetorain, stunningjelena, zjvmalik
*:・゚✧ if i forgot anyone, i’m sorry. i love all of you in my blogroll too, *:・゚✧
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"i don’t like selena gomez" unfollowed blocked unfriended on facebook and uninvited from my teen beach movie themed birthday party and my moms calling ur mom

Friday, July 4th